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Expo EAS Guide

Moropo has first-class integration with Expo's EAS build and deployment system. If your app uses React Native and you're looking for ways to improve your deployment speed and reliability then EAS is a great way to do that.

Note: this method is suitable for React Native apps only.

If you are unfamiliar with dev clients, we recommend reading Expo's docs: Read Expo's guide on EAS dev clients

Why use EAS with Moropo?

A typical native build takes 10-30 minutes depending on the build server and your app. If you wish to run an end-to-end regression suite every time a new Pull Request is made, then minimising build time enables quicker test feedback on the PR.

EAS update allows JavaScript bundle changes to be published "over-the-air" to an EAS dev client without needing to re-build the app binary.

In the best scenarios, feedback time on PR for the full end-to-end regression suite reduces from 30+ minutes to under 5 minutes.

How to set it up

Step 1: Produce an EAS Dev Client

Step 2: Upload into Moropo

  • Pass the files to your Early Access team who will manage the upload for you.

Step 3: Hook into GitHub (optional)

  • Speak to the Early Access team who can assist with GitHub setup. This will allow Moropo to automatically publish to your dev client on each new PR.