Welcome to Moropo

Welcome to the Moropo docs! If you need any help or spot something that isn't quite right - please don't hesitate to get in touch - support@moropo.com

What is Moropo?

Moropo is a low-code automated testing platform for mobile apps. It provides everything you need to create test flows, execute test runs and review results.

How does Moropo compare with manual testing?

  • It's much quicker 🕐 - users save 55 minutes for every hour spent on manual testing

  • It's automated 🤖 - test runs can be triggered from schedules or CI/CD

  • More intuitive visual reporting 🖼️ - no more copying and pasting screenshots

How does Moropo compare with traditional automated testing?

  • Low-code 📱 - create test flows without needing to understand test scripts

  • Easy setup ⚙️ - configure Moropo in minutes not hours using our straightforward web UI

  • No jargon 🤬 - you don't need an engineering degree to understand test results

Who does Moropo help?

Moropo helps all sorts of mobile app teams to save time and improve app quality.

For In-House Product Teams

App quality is crucial to success for startups and enterprises alike. Moropo is perfect for increasing team productivity whilst safeguarding product functionality.

For Agencies

In a busy software agency, testing can sometimes be de-prioritised. Because it runs automatically, Moropo helps ensure bugs are caught before the end customer sees them.

What can Moropo do?

  • Create test flows with intuitive test authoring UI that seamlessly switches between no-code and script mode.

  • Re-play those flows to see how your app runs across a range of emulators and simulator devices.

  • Review screenshots and logs to ensure everything is spot on.

  • Connect to GitHub and trigger test runs for each new Pull Request using EAS.

  • Connect to Slack to get notified every time a new test report is ready.

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