Upon each Test Run or Live Interaction a temporary URL is created in order to access the most recent email sent to the . You can find support on the use case on the relevant docs page -Access Emails During A Test Flow. This should be used in conjunction with ${MOROPO_TEST_EMAIL}. What does it contain?

A unique URL.

e.g. https://app.moropo.com/getLatestEmailForTestRun?testRunQueueId=11949&authToken=e74d62d4-e6af-42cf-8848-a9722f7edfe4


In script mode

appId: ${BUNDLEID}
- launchApp
# Navigate to a sign in page
# Focus on the email address field
- inputText: ${MOROPO_TEST_EMAIL}
# Submit the form to sign-up
- openLink: 
    link: ${MOROPO_EMAIL_URL}
# Copy content from email

In step mode

When is it set?

The variable is set upon each Test Run execution, or upon each new Live Interaction session. In the case of a Test Run running on multiple devices and/or tests, a unique address is created for each separate runner.

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