Producing an Android Build

Moropo supports running tests on Android using a .apk build file.

Please note:

  • Play Store Android App Bundles (.aab) files are not supported - you must upload a .apk file

  • Your .apk should be compatible with x86_64 architecture

Which build type should I use?

You can use a Debug or Release build set to use any backend environment.

Many Moropo users configure different test setups for different build types. For example:

  • a Debug build using your Dev Environment that runs a regression suite on each pull request for a single device

  • a Release build using your Staging Environment that runs a full test suite before each production release across a wide range of devices

Using Gradle to produce a .apk

If you're comfortable with the terminal and have a natively-built Android app, you can use Gradle to produce your build file:

To produce a debug build, run ./gradlew assembleDebug in your terminal.

To produce a release build, run ./gradlew assembleRelease in your terminal.

The .apk will be exported to your configured output directory, typically: ~/build/outputs/apk/

Using Android Studio to produce a .apk

  1. Launch Android Studio

  2. Open your project

  3. Wait for your build to complete.

  4. Press the locate button on the notification (bottom right) to open your file system and access the .apk

[React Native] Using Expo EAS to produce a .apk

If your app is built using React Native, you can use Expo Application Services to build your app.

Ensure your eas.config includes the correct setting:

  "build": {
    "myProfile": {
      "android": {
        "buildType": "apk"

Note: EAS allows a .apk to be produced using various config options; read the official docs.

Run EAS via your terminal to trigger the build:

eas build -p android --profile myProfile

Using Flutter to produce a .apk

If your app is built using Flutter, you can use the flutter command line inside your terminal.

To produce a Debug build, run flutter build apk --debug.

To produce a Release build, run flutter build apk.

Your .apk will appear in the ./build/app/outputs/ folder.

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