When creating a new test run via Manually Trigger a Test Run or Scheduling a Test Run the option is available to run tests via a tag. Tags are user-defined labels used to group a set of tests.

To run a test via a tag, select the Tags option from the tests selection screen of the test run configuration screens. Once the option Tags is selected, the available tags will be available to the user. The list will be populated with all tags defined in existing tests.

How do I create a tag?

When are tags evaluated?

Evaluation of the tags is done as part of the test run, this means in the case of a scheduled test, the tags will be evaluated at runtime, and any identified tests will be added to the test run.

Using Multiple Tags

It is possible to configure a test run to use multiple tags. By defining multiple tags in the test run creation, the tests ran will be a logical OR of available tests.

Take for example three tests:

  1. Test 1 - tags; regression, smoke

  2. Test 2 - tags; smoke

  3. Test 3 - tags; regression

By defining a test run running against the regression and smoke tags, all three tests will executed as part of the test run.

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