The Expo Release channel variable is designed to help users who develop their apps using a combination of React Native and Expo. The purpose is to provide a Test Run access to the Release Channel as specified when setting up the Test Run.

You can find support on the use case on the React Native Expo docs page or the documentation provide by Expo directly https://docs.expo.dev/build/updates/.

What does it contain?

An expo release channel URL in the form




In script mode

appId: ${BUNDLEID}
- openLink:
    link: "${BUNDLEID}://expo-development-client/?url=${EXPORELEASECHANNEL}"

In step mode

When is it set?

The variable is set when the user Integrates Moropo with their Expo Account.

The variable by default takes the Default Release Channel set in the Integration settings

This can be overridden when setting up the Test Run by selecting a specific Expo release channel when navigating through the New Test Run screens.

It can also be overridden when triggering via CI-CD;

  • For the GitHub Action using expo_release_channel

  • For the using expoReleaseChannel

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