Quick Start

Set up your app testing in minutes

Want to see Moropo in action without an account?

Head to the live sandbox to see Moropo's test creator in action.

Step One: Get a Moropo Account

Head to the Moropo sign-up form and fill in the fields - you'll receive the URL directly from Moropo.

Step Two: Add Your App

Click on the top-left menu and press the add new app button.

Then add your App Name and Press "Save App"

Step Three: Upload a Build

Click on the BUILDS button on the side menu


Drag and drop or select your build and press upload.

It should be a .app file for iOS or a .apk for Android

Step Four: Creating your first test

Click on TESTS in the sidebar

Then click on WRITE TEST

Press SAVE to start to validation and do the first test run

Watch the live stream as the first test run comes back

Congratulations - you've run your first test! 🎉

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