Upon each Test Run or Live Interaction a temporary email address is created in order to support email verification activities. You can find support on the use case on the relevant docs page -Access Emails During A Test Flow. This should be used in conjunction with ${MOROPO_EMAIL_URL}.

As part of this temporary email address, this variable is created for each test flow in order to expose the temporary email address to the Test Runner.

What does it contain?

A email address unique to the test run.

E.g. queue-11949@parse.moropo.com


In script mode

appId: ${BUNDLEID}
- launchApp
# Navigate to a sign in page
# Focus on the email address field
- inputText: ${MOROPO_TEST_EMAIL}
# Submit the form to sign-up

In step mode

When is it set?

The variable is set upon each Test Run execution, or upon each new Live Interaction session. In the case of a Test Run running on multiple devices and/or tests, a unique address is created for each separate runner.

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