Results Explorer

Quickly and easily identify mobile app issues using the Moropo results explorer

With Moropo, it's easy to see video, screenshot and log results from your test runs. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Test Runs screen in Moropo

  2. Click on any recent test run.

  3. Press on the video player to watch the screencast of the test run.

  4. Compare screenshots between this test run and the baseline.

  5. Click on the left hand panel to see results from other devices or iOS/Android versions that are part of this test run.

  6. Click on the steps button to review the steps log. This helps identify which step a flow failed on.

  7. If this run was for Android, you can download the logcat file.

What are the baseline screenshots?

The baseline screenshots represent the initial successful run of this test. They provide an anchor point for you to compare against new test runs and he how your app has changed. This makes it quicker and easier to identify visual differences in the app.

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