Similar to the setLocation command, the travel command allows you to mock the geolocation of the device.

However, instead of a static location, travel is used to mimic changes in device location over time.

You can use this to mock a journey such as a walk, run or drive.


The travel command has two mandatory parameters:

  • points is a list of WSG84 coordinates (latitude, longitude) you wish to mock

  • speed is the velocity in meters per second that the device will travel along the route defined by points

For example, a run along the Thames in London at 8km per hour:

- travel:
      - 51.500936162593405, -0.12405422599887701
      - 51.50081608114526, -0.1199550777358336
      - 51.50376868048361, -0.1192670878866242
    speed: 8

Note: this step takes 5-10 minutes to execute.


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